Once every 5-7 days is ideal.

This is something you may be working yourself up to at first, so listen to your scalp! If you’re itching or flaky to where your feeling discomfort? Its time to wash, regardless of the amount of days its been

Using MOISTURE-rich professional-grade products vs. Protein-rich products.

Nothing with keratin, restorative or reconstructive properties. Too much protein can breakdown the hair over time causing it to dry out. HYDRATE HYDRATE HYDRATE!

AIRDRY as much as you can before sticking a blow dryer to it.

When blow-drying make sure you are getting the tops of your wefts COMPLETELY dry. This will aid in longevity of your hair and overall health of your scalp. AIRDRY as much as you can before sticking a blow dryer to it, and allow your hair to be 70- 80% dry before using a brush along with your dryer.

Never ever sleep on your hair wet!

This can cause friction making it much more possible for your hair to matt up, loosen wefts from the top and put you at risk for fungal infections on the scalp.

If you are showering in well or harsh water this can dry out the hair, fade it out, and turn it rusty colored, due to the possibility of lime, rust, etc.

Be sure you have decent water running through your pipes! If not, I suggest a Raindrops showerhead filter! (Sold on Amazon.)

Turn down your hot tools lower than what you normally use.

We don’t advise over 360 degrees.

Sleeping with your hair in a low pony or low braid is best if you like it “up” at night!

I suggest tying off with a scrunchie or hair scarf. This will help with less of a morning mess!

Not 100% necessary but totally helps with any tangling at night if you sleep a little wild and you want to go the extra mile!

 PURCHASING PRODUCT: It is very important you’re buying products from a reputable place. Purchase on Amazon, TJ Maxx, Target at YOUR OWN RISK. These stores are not licensed to sell PRO GRADE products. There is no guarantee to what is in the bottle itself, that it isn’t expired, hasn’t been tampered with when you purchase it outside your salon or a professional grade storefront.

Step one – Brush out your hair. Layer by layer, row by row. The hair needs to be brushed out really well before getting wet. Section it all out and make sure you are brushing through your natural hair in between rows as well as all of the extension hair. 

Be sure to hold the base of your wefts at the scalp while brushing through your hair.

This will give your scalp and install the support it needs while combing through any tangles. It’s best you start at the bottom of your wefts and work your way to the top, using a good quality brush or comb. We have found it best to use a classic paddle brush to work all the way through everything. If you’re using a wet brush, be sure to double-check the tops of your wefts that all the tangles have been brushed out! 


It is very important you’re buying product from a reputable place.

Purchase on amazon, TJ Maxx, Target at YOUR OWN RISK. These stores are not licensed to sell PRO GRADE products. There is no guarantee to what is in the bottle itself, that is isn’t expired, or hasn’t been tampered with when you purchase it outside of your salon, from your stylist or professional grade store front.

Think about it like this, we are waiting up to 7 days (sometimes 10 if you’re anything like us) to wash your hair! Make sure you are really dividing up the hair, getting to your natural hair and cleansing/scrubbing your scalp very thoroughly. Dry shampoo and product build up can really make a scalp angry over time, clog follicles and cause damage down the road. Double shampoo if you have to, (we do) and get all that weeklong grime all the way OUT!  

Sectioning the hair out by row pre shower for an easier shampoo. If you have a lot of hair in, we understand it can be over whelming when you’re not used to it all, especially in the beginning! So why don’t we divide and conquer? Clip up your top row, then wet and shampoo the bottom, release the top, wet and shampoo THEN rinse as a whole. This will ensure everything is getting squeaky clean, not missing or neglecting anything in between! Go in for a second shampoo once everything is down.

As for conditioner, try to keep it just through the mids to the ends of the extensions and don’t be hesitant to cake it on! Make sure you are getting in between to your natural hair to be sure those ends are being conditioned as well!

We understand training your hair to go without a wash for 5-7 days can be frustrating or even feel impossible.

A top wash is something that is an amazing way to clean what’s getting seen, getting oily the fastest and the most necessary to push through those dirty looking days. You will separate all the natural hair on the crown, as well as your bangs and face framing pieces. Put ALL extensions in a ponytail behind your shoulders. Use your kitchen sink or tub (most times more comfortable then the bathroom sink) and only shampoo/condition the separated natural pieces. The crown, bangs and face framers. Blow-dry and style into the rest and you should be good to push through a few more days! 


Your shower set should be a sulfate free, paraben free and professional grade. Moisture/Hydrating lines are best fit for these extensions. No protein rich or keratin shampoos/conditioners.

We suggest – 
  • MR SMITH Balancing set and or the Luxury mask for moisture and repair. 
  • MR SMITH Volumising set and or Luxury mask for volume and body. 
  • MR SMITH Hydrating set and or Luxury mask to smooth and silken.
  • MR SMITH Stimulating set and or Luxury mask for a dry scalp to help soften and cleanse.

Step one – Brush out your hair. Really, really well before getting wet!

Section it all out row by row and make sure you are brushing through your natural hair in between rows as well as all of the extension hair. Don’t forget to hold wefts at the base when brushing the extensions! 
On towel-dried hair…apply a leave-in conditioner (also with no protein additives) and a professional-grade hair oil. These two things are NON NEGOTIABLE for retaining health in your hair extensions. 

We suggest – MR SMITH Leave in or IN COMMON Magic Myst. Both of the products aid in heat and UV protection as well as prep your hair to be brushed and styled! For hair oils we love the MR SMITH Serum. It’s weightless and restorative while moisturizing and nourishing the hair. 

MR SMITH - Foundation is a styling cream to help create volume and body while providing flexible hold and assisting in heat and UV protection. 

MR SMITH - Texture spray delivers volume and body without excess weight. It also has properties to revitalize the hairs roots providing strength, shine and again UV protection!

MR SMITH – Volumising Spray is a salon FAVE for us. This spray enhances root lift and body in limp or fine hair helping rejuvenate the scalp while boosting volume. 

ALL these products are to be used from mids to ends on towel-dried hair before heat styling. 

You can apply a little more serum if you tend to be on the frizzier side, let it rest for a few minutes and you’re free to heat style!  
For volume and texture: 
 MR SMITH – Dry Texture Spray is formulated to give volume, hold and texture. This is a lightweight building product that will nourish and strengthen the hair while restoring moisture giving you that fluffy, undone finish. 

For Hold:
 MR SMITH – Hairspray is strong yet weightless, giving you hold without taking away natural movement. Hair is left brushable without the stickiness. Designed for a workable finish.
 MR SMITH – High Hold Hairspray is a superior hold, low shine finish without flaking while taming unruly flyaways.

Purple Shampoo and Masks:
 We like to describe using these products as needed, not prescribed. The over use of color depositing products can build up on the hair leaving them looking dull, as well as drying the hair out. We lean towards using color depositing masks vs shampoos because it tends to be more moisturizing. Deciding between the two truly depends on the client’s hair. Ask your stylist which one would work best for you, if you feel the need to maintenance your brass between visits! 

 Masks We Love –
 MR SMITH Blond helps remove extreme brass while calming the scalp with vitamins helping repair damaged cells.
 REDKEN VI – Is a fan fave for baby bright blonde and a less intense brass removal.
Moisture Masks-
 Using a rich mask can really help seal the hair, create shine and help penetrate a deeper hydration than your normal day to day conditioner.

 MR SMITH Masque is rich, restorative and will nourish and strengthen the hair delivering hydration with vitamins and antioxidants. 
 MR SMITH Luxury Masque is designed to penetrate for an even deeper hydration that will smooth out the hair and enhance its shine. 


Going to the beach on vacay?

 Love getting in the pool, ocean or lake? Amazing! You can totally do that. Here’s a few tips to help you manage your mane while you’re away…

-A brush
-Leave in Conditioner
-Mineral Based sunscreen

First suggestion would be to commit. If you’re going to get in, get all the way in with your hair down. Being in braids or a pony half wet can really create a mess for you. From our personal experience, commitment is KEY!

 If you do decide to get in, first brush your hair all the way out! Then coat it in MR SMITH Leave in or The IN COMMON Magic Myst. This will serve as a layer of protectant from the sun, salt or whatever is floating around in the lake while providing moisture. Once you’re out returning to your boat or beach towel, apply the leave in of choice again along side a brush or comb out, for another round of protection for when you get back in the water that day. 

Shower to rinse out the chemicals/salt ALL THE WAY OUT, lightly shampoo, smother in conditioner then give it a good brush!

If you are going back into the ocean, pool or lake the next day, a light shampoo is optional but not totally necessary. You can just give it a GOOD rinse and then condition. ALWAYS finish with a leave-in and serum. This way you have an added layer of protection when you get back in the water.

Specific MINERAL SUNSCREEN must be used or extensions are at risk of turning a rust/pink color!

Our most loved brand is Bare Republic (found at target) but there are so many others. The chemical we’re trying to avoid is AVOBENZONE. As long as that isn’t in your ingredients list, it is safe to use! 

If you’re a girl who loves to break a sweat, best thing to do post-workout is to blow-dry the wetness out of the hair on a cool setting, dry shampoo the natural roots if necessary, and add serum to the ends if feeling dry! 

 MR SMITH Dry Shampoo is our personal fave. It removes impurities, oil, and odor while having curated ingredients to stimulate and revitalize the scalp. Blow drying this in on a cool setting is a good tip to distribute evenly! 


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