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*pricing varies from stylist to stylist

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Intentional Highlights -
There's a time and place for everything, right? We take the robotics out of textbook highlights and customize each guest with unique and intentional placement. We believe no two heads of hair are the same. 

Balayage - A current industry favorite paving the way in hair color and highlighting. Giving you the best of both worlds when it comes to dimension and brightness with an overall "Lived In' finish. 

Reverse Balayage- This is when we tone you down and break it all up. If you're feeling dull, solid or lacking dimension, this is where a reverse comes into play. 

Pop & Lox - This is a highlighting method created by our owner, Lo to amp up brunettes or freshen up lived in blondes between appointments. 



Color Corrections -
Bad hair day? We got your back. This appointment is made for those who have extreme work to do. Whether thats at home color gone bad, harsh lines to blend, black or red color removal, or bleach and tone transitioning to a more lived in feel. We put in all the work to give you the works during this appointment. Sparkle 

Coverage -
A service for our clients who shine extra bright ;) just our pretty little saying for Gray coverage. They say to never let anyone dull your sparkle, but for this? we got you covered! Haircutting - We would say is pretty self explanatory. From Bobs, to long hair with layers we can do it all!



Handlaced Lox Extensions -
As we like to call it, sewn in confidence. Handlaced is a custom colored, hand sewn extension method giving you the hair thats only lived in your dreams. Consultations required prior to booking. 

Handlaced pricing break down: Extensions are priced Al la Carte, meaning the hair itself, the install, and the color is all priced separately for more customization for each guest. If you choose to go forward with extensions via consultation, all you will owe that day is 1/2 the cost of the extensions themselves as a deposit. The other half of the hair, install (priced per row worn) and color is to be paid for the day of the install appointment. 

Handlaced Lox


Pricing varies from stylists to stylists


Full highlight - $265
Full Balayage - $245
Pop & Lox - $225
Partial Highlight - $225
Partial Balayage - $200
Partial Pop & Lox - $190
Money Piece - $165
Halo Foil - $175

cut &color

Reverse Balayage - $210
Partial Reverse Balayage - $185
All Over Color - $150
Color Correction - $275 Base price
Root Color - $120
Tap & Tone - $135
Root and Tone - $155
Womens Haircut - $70
Mens Haircut - $40
Kids Cut - $35
Blow Out - $65
Dry Style - $35


One row install - $195
Two row install - $295
Three Row Install - $365
Mini row Install - $70
One row Hidden Handlaced - $225
Two row Hidden Handlaced - $310
Three row Hidden Handlaced - $395
Handlaced Blow out - $90
Lox Lift - $50

Extensions are paid for per piece, or weft if you will. In a classic situation, most heads need 8-12 wefts. The Shorter and thicker the hair, the more wefts you will need. 


Full highlight $235
Full Balayage $215
Pop & Lox $195
Halo Foil $160
Money Piece $135

Reverse Balayage $180
Partial Reverse Balayage $155
All over Color $165
Tape and Tone $160
Tone $120
Tap $120
Root Color $95
Root & Tone $150

Wanna hang with the best in the game? That’s cool with us. We are a text only operation. For our new babes, our receptionist will walk you through our booking process, that’s right, all via text! We will be asking you for current hair pics alongside your inspo. That way we can curate your appointment duration for exactly what you want. For existing babes, all appointment changes, rearranges and cancellations are to also be made via text.

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pricing varies from stylists to stylists


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